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Mother Mary of Jesus
  • Always and in everything a “Thank you, ”because God has arranged everything to lead you to happiness.244
Mother Mary of Jesus

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God loved the world so much
that he gave his only Son…


What do we do with so great a love?


SMR intuition

« The same call gathers us together
in community
to respond to a mission entrusted to us
by the Church,
and to be lived out in the world of our time: to love Christ
and make him loved,
to know him
and make him known,
to adore him in truth and bring others to adore him. »

(Constitutions n° 9)

A Congregation founded in the XIX century
by Emilie d’Oultremont.

Today we are present in 23 countries,
in 3 continents of the world, Europe, the Americas,
Africa and the Isles.

We are Apostolic Religious,
at the heart of the Catholic Church;
we wish to serve God in our sisters and brothers,
and especially in the poor,
by prayer, accompaniment,
catechesis, retreats,
and all forms of presence and involvement
which help the growth of persons
at a human and faith level.


The Eucharist is at the
heart of our communities,
where it is celebrated,
adored and lived in faith.

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
are for us a school of
prayer, contemplation and
discernment for mission.
Our vocation may be lived
in community
or as lay associates.


As Sisters of Marie Reparatrice/Mary Reparatrix,
our symbol is
a simple cross
on which two letters are engraved
and stand out:
M and R :

Marie Reparatrice/Mary Reparatrix.

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