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Mother Mary of Jesus
  • Carried on the wings of confidence you will say: “Where shil1 I not go with Him Whom I love: My Lord and My God.” 1
Mother Mary of Jesus

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A woman led by the Spirit of God

A woman rooted in the love of Christ

  • Welcome with confidence the gift of Godís love
    in your life, while being aware that this love
    is wounded by sin.
  • Allow yourself to be loved and reconciled by God.

A woman who manifests the tender love of God

  • Live the charism with passion, audacity, zeal
    and creativity in a broken world.
  • Take risks to live and act in new ways
    that promote a world of peace,
    justice and respect for creation.

A woman led by the Spirit of God

  • Allow yourself to be evangelized
    by the fire of Godís love.
  • Discern with your sisters the new calls
    that cry out for reparation.
  • Collaborate with others in your response
    to those in greatest need, in solidarity with those
    who experience different forms of poverty
    and those in search of meaning in our world.
  • Offer the best of yourself, growing always in
    your desire to continue to be salt of the earth.
  • Give thanks to God for the gift of life
    that you have received.