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Mother Mary of Jesus
  • If it costs you to obey, obey blindly just the same and consider that Jesus was obedient even to the death of the cross. 1
Mother Mary of Jesus

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XXIII General Chapter - July20th
20th July 2007

Our Ugandan sisters animated the prayer this morning. “What returns to Yahweh can I make for blessings of every kind from Him that I have received?”
In groups of four around the table, we shared something of our gratitude to God. How well our Ugandan sisters sing, to hear them is a gift and a help towards encountering God.

Today was another intense day of work on the Orientations of the Chapter. We shared deeply, with the desire to search for the correct words which would communicate in each language the content of the different themes and the lived experience. We also shared our insights which would help to enlighten our way in following Christ in the Congregation of Marie Reparatrice/Mary Reparatrix.

Just as the sun shines brilliantly in beautiful Loyola, may the Lord enflame our hearts in such a way that through us his love will reach those places where it is not known, accepted or adored.

Thank you for all your messages, loving words and prayers which we have heard in our hearts.